What is Skinsultra?
A service provider that secure a transaction between a seller and buyer for digital files sales.

Why Skinsultra?
Because Skinsultra follows you from the first step to the last without headhaches.

How does it work?
Register as a buyer or a seller or both ,whichever you want. Then as a seller, you can post a skin or a game account for sale. Upload a picture to advertise your skin or account. The pic you wanna post as to be .rar or zipped file. In the description section, give as much details as possible to attract buyers.

Is it free?
Yes. Skinsultra is free to use and navigate. No membership is required. The only fees would be if you decide to make a sale on the website. Buying on Skinsultra other than what you buy will not cost you.

What are SK credits?
As a buyer, you must buy SK credits in order to buy on the Skinsultra website, which essentially work as a gift card. SK credits are the only currency used in the website. You can buy as many as you want and SK credits are good for as long as you are registered on

How transactions work?
Once you post something for sale, your asking price in real dollars represent SK credits in the website. It is a one for one ratio. Buyers will use their SK credits to buy skins and game accounts. Once the seller receives his SK credits for a sale, they are paid in real money in exchange for the matching SK credits by via PayPal. SK credits will always be automatically deducted from or added to your total after each transaction depending if you are a buying or selling.

Why do i need 2 accounts?
One account as a seller and one account as a buyer. 

Can I get a refund?
Yes if the skin or the game account you bought does not match what was advertise by the seller but it must be done within 48 hours after purchase. Although SK credits purchase cannot be cancelled or refund.

How long before I get paid after a sale?
From the time of the sale allow Skinsultra 3 to 7 days for payment.